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Cashflow Solutions

Sell your future commission or income in exchange for cash now. Get approved and funded within a business day. No credit checks or confusing forms. Contact us today for an estimate on your sale, and how you can get started.

Purchase AR Assets

Buy accounts receivable assets using the ACRE marketplace. We strive to offer fully vetted, high-quality AR assets with a focus on strong yields and short term periods. Have a question? Call today for platform walkthrough.

WhiteLabel ACRE

A turnkey, customizable business solution for all your factoring needs. We're constantly improving our platform. Want to know if the ACRE platform is a good fit for your business? Call today and speak with an associate.

Supported Industries

Commercial Real Estate
Residential Real Estate
Rentals & Airbnb

Who we are

Manager & Director

Aaron Sakhai

With time and experience totaling over two decades in financial services, real estate, and product development; the ACRE founder and chief officer oversees day-to-day sales and operations, as well as the development of a platform that combines opportunities of cashflow, high-yield investments, and turnkey whitelabel solutions


With more than 10 years of success in the field of web development, Umbrella IT offers expertise in a wide range of technologies. As the dedicated team for ACRE, Umbrella IT makes sure the platform is continuously monitored and improved to cover your needs and offer the best possible user experience.

Advisor Organizations

Sharestates is a pioneer in the field of marketplace real estate lending, surpassing $1.5 Billion in private real estate loans, building a path to consistent passive income for investors and a fresh source of targeted capital for borrowers.

Syndicate Profile is an exclusive platform specializing in curating competitive real estate equity investment opportunities. A dedicated marketplace that lowers the barrier to entry in space that has become increasingly exclusive.


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